The Big Five: Self-Cultivation

New Lens Urban Mentoring Society Big Five #NewLensSociety.png

As you all may know, New Lens is focused on the non-cognitive development and social emotional learning of our young Black males. From an extensive evaluation done on our organization it has resulted in the fruition of the “Big Five”. This “Big Five” consists of 5 non-cognitive factors that are foundations of the whole organizational framework and influential of our programmatic activities. These “Big Five” include: 1) Self-Cultivation, 2) Intentional Community Building, 3) Strategic Thinking, 4) Situational Analysis, and 5) Adaptability. For the purpose of this article we will focus on Self-Cultivation.

We define Self-Cultivation as the ability to nourish the richness in oneself. We believe in the importance of growing an understanding of oneself is critical to reaching maximum potential of oneself. From this maximum potential is how we aim to improve this life of the youth we serve. Within our curriculum, which is targeted for our 8th graders, we focus on the knowledge of self, understanding of the human body, brain functionality, diet, fitness, history of who they are and where they come from. These listed focuses are essential to building a sense of self-confidence and established self-understanding. We hope that the growing comprehension of this factor in giving a sense of purpose, responsibility, and obligation to their role within their own families and communities.