3rd Annual Carter G. Woodson Experience

The 3rd Annual Carter G. Woodson Experience. NLUMS is so fortunate to be able to give our mentees this experience for a third year in a row and hopefully more years to come. Just like last year the mentees will be taking classes at the University of Minnesota for seven weeks. Not only will the mentees will be taking classes, but the last week the mentees will have an opportunity to stay on campus to get the full college experience.

This year NLUMS changed it up. All of the courses are taught by previous and current mentors, staff, and partners. We believe that if the information is given to the mentees from a familiar face it will most likely  with the mentee. Those classes will consist of four course topics: Introduction to Music Business, Introductions to Photography, Introduction to African Civilizations and Kingdoms, Ecological Democracy and plenty more. These courses supplemented with the other core elements of the mentoring are used to reach higher levels of cognitive and non-cognitive development. Check out some picture below from this year Carter G. Woodson Experience.